Higuey City Tour Half Day
Punta Cana

A vacation is not complete until you have had your mandatory hunt for local treasures. Visit the largest and most important church in the country, The Basilica de La Altagracia. Take a stroll on the main street and observe the day to day activity in the city; the cafeterias, the shoe shiners and the fruit stalls and their vendors. Visit the Saint Dionysus church, constructed over 500 years ago! Visit a local gift shop and take the opportunity to stack-up with some traditional products.

This is one of the most traditional tours departing from Punta Cana – Bavaro, an immersion in the culture and history of the Dominican Republic.

Our journey begins at the Altagracia museum where we will admire the unique and precious pieces that conform its collection. rnThen we will continue to the Higüey Basilica. Devotees from every corner of the country flock this awe-inspiring shrine.

The Dominican Republic’s largest religious monument, it covers an area of 4,680 m2. A distinctive structure in the shape of a Latin cross; a masterpiece of French architects. Visitors are led in through a somber bronze entryway plated in 24-kt. gold.

On his second visit to the country, Pope John Paul II crowned an image of Virgin of Altagracia, a remarkable gilded silver diadem. A lofty bell tower guarding 45 bronze carillons are pleasing visual stimuli for the passerby, engulfing them in a celestial aura.

Despite your religious beliefs, this sacred place radiates a sensation of peace and tranquility. This part of the tour leads us across main street, come eye to eye with its many monuments, restaurants and street vendors.

Mingle with its ordinary citizens and experience firsthand the peculiarities of everyday life and the quirks of their culture. A motley of color, culture and flavor.

Contrasting architectural styles, depicting a run-down fire station, an age-old City Hall to the office of the present-day Dominican Postal System.

The Cross of Forgiveness is located in an area of the park adjourning the church, where the customs of the people of Higüey are deeply-rooted.

The sanctuary holds invaluable jewelery, a novelty piece for the prying eyes of those who visit.

A gorgeous silver frame with the image of the Virgin of Altagracia can be seen, highlighted by precious stone incrustations underlined by an eloquent emerald bounded by crystals property of Saint Pius X.

Next on our itinerary, we will disperse in the area neighboring the Higüey Marketplace.

Astray among the hustle bustle of busy streets, continual seesawing of cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles you will appreciate the day to day occurrences of rural life.

Get caught up in the beliefs and customs of their people.

Learn how master craftsmen manufacture cigars by hand. Discover how tobacco has for centuries remained a staple of the Dominican economy, traditionally used in the making of the world’s best cigars.

Take a look at their inventory, harnessing the opportunity of purchasing renowned brands, at unheard of prices.

During this tour you may also purchase the best Dominican rum and visit quaint kiosks where the most distinctive and chic samples of local craftsmanship and costume jewelry are on display.

Is Included...

  •   Entrance fees
  •   Hotel pickup and drop-off
  •   Official guide
  •   Transport by air-conditioned coach or van
  •   Unlimited beer, soft drinks and water
An eye opening tour that will allow you to be in close contact to how the people of the Dominican Republic live and witness the splendor and elegant architecture of the Basilica de La Altagracia. Get a chance to purchase the best souvenirs at local prices.
  • Originate a spiritual pilgrimage to the Higüey Basilica. Its splendor and elegant architecture will leave you breathless.
  • Visit St. Dionysius church. Explore the most relevant historical aspects of La Altagracia’s recent history, spanning the past 500 years
  • Eyewitness the traditional way master craftsmen manufacture the finest cigars.
  • Discover how tobacco has boosted the national economy. Take a box back home and surprise your buddies.
  • Purchase the most unmistakable samples of local handicrafts and the finest Dominican rum.
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